Pathway Directional Boring and HydroVac was founded in 2012 by Lynn and John Wall. With decades of utility and construction experience. they saw the need for a directional boring and utility construction company that actually did what they promised to do, when they promised to do it. They also believed in treating each and every customer with the respect they deserved. Pathway promises to do just that. The management team leading Pathway has experience in the placement of all types of utilities along with a commitment to superior customer service. Our team's experience has proven time and time again that they have the skill and knowledge to complete directional boring projects in diverse environments including residential areas, industrial areas, congested roadways, complicated highway, railroads, and canal or river crossings. We have a proven track record of completing large scale projects using all different types of construction placement methods, including directional bore projects over 15 miles. Each of these jobs has been completed quickly and with a commitment to quality. Don't take our word for it, contact us for a list of references and let Pathway solve your directional boring or hydrovac needs.

William has a degree in Construction and Business Management. He is a strong communicator and shares Lynn and John’s belief exercising integrity.

He’s is results oriented and has a great gift of working with and understanding people and their project needs. He’s committed to providing customer satisfaction and strives to meet the goals of his clients while keeping them informed. He has a 30 hour OSHA certification and and is certified to setup traffic control. He is completely committed to providing a safe work environment.

William is skilled at preparing and cost estimates, budgets, and work timetables. He has 20+ years in estimating, supervision and project management of residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. He is continuously updating his skill sets to appropriate construction methods and strategies. He is experienced in collaborating with architects, engineers, and other construction and building specialists. He believes in fast response to work delays and emergencies. William knows the construction trade from conception to closeout and is meticulous at catching and correcting problems early.

Each member of our HydroVac crew has their OSHA 30, CPR, and Confined Space certification. Additionally, we have the ability to work on sensitive and secure sites like oil refineries, airports, military bases, water treatment facilities and sewer plants.

We will do exactly what we promise to do when we promise to do it.

Pathway has a top commitment to quality work and superior customer service. Go ahead and give us a call and we will be more than happy to come out and look at the job to get you a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.


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