HydroVac (Hydro Excavation)?

Hydrovac, sometimes called hydro excavation, is a method of using high pressure water (hydro) to liquify dirt or other substance to the point of mud. It can then be evacuated (vac) into a holding tank typically mounted on a trailer or truck using an extremely strong vacuum. Our purpose-built equipment allows for removal of mud, clay and rocks using just water and vacuum. Once the truck or trailer is filled, it leaves and dumps the excavated material at a remote location.

Because the water is under high pressure it can be accurately aimed allowing for precision hydro excavation of even fragile items like clay sewer pipes or direct burial cables. Our equipment shows up on site with everything it needs. We bring up to 900 gallons of water, fuel, heaters and pumps. We can even heat the water when necessary to hydro excavate through clay or inclement winter weather.

Our truck mounted booms can reach over vehicles, sidewalks, gardens, fences or other obstructions to safely and precisely reach the work area. We can add extensions where further distances are required.