Directional Boring

Pathway specializes in directional boring and hydrovac services. We directional bore for conduit, wire lines, piping, and more. Our hydrovac services can excavate in sensitive areas with no collateral damage to either items in the ground or immediately around the hole or trench. Our vac truck can also clean out vaults, sumps, storm drains or anything similar. Founded and run by over 40 combined years of construction, telecommunications and boring experience, Pathway will get the job done right the first time. Contact us for a quote or simply to learn more about our services.

  • Underground Utility Placement
  • Directional Boring
  • Trenching
  • Missle
  • Potholing of Utilities also referred to Daylighting
  • Water line placement
  • Electrical Conduit placement
  • Gas line placement
  • Landscape Restoration

HydroVac (Hydro Excavation)

HydroVac, sometimes called hydro excavation, uses high pressure water (hydro) combined with high powered vacuum (vac) to break up and liquify soil, debris or other substances in order to remove them and haul them away. Our services can provide trenching when sensitive items are suspected to be in the ground or when typical excavation can’t be used due to collateral damage from imprecise digging or piles of dirt. If you need a 3-foot diameter hole, 10 feet deep then you will end up with a hole exactly 3foot in diameter by 10 feet deep. No piles of dirt to haul away and the sod or plants immediately adjacent to the hole will be undisturbed. If you are worried that typical excavation poses a risk to gas lines, power conduits, fiber, sewer, water or other unknown items in the ground then let us use our hydrovac truck to safely expose those items without risk of damage. We can either pot hole and expose those items prior to conventional excavation or fully trench over or around them. We offer:

  • Pot Holing
  • Trenching
  • Refinery Work
  • Powerpole Removal and Placement
  • Conduit and vault placement with minimal equipment and time
  • Precision excavation of sensitive areas
  • Day lighting of utilities, gas lines, sewer, water, electric, fiber
  • Safe exposure of unknown, buried items
  • Cleanout of sumps, vaults, and storm drains
  • Construction debris cleanout of drains and sumps